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Everything that Matters to You, Matters to Us (No, Really)

Looking for hard-to-find talent?

Whether you’re a small company looking to fill a vital role on your close knit team or you’re a large organization overwhelmed by the frequent openings & looming expectations of hiring managers, we’ve been there. You deserve a recruiting partner who feels & acts like an extension of your own team; who not only understands your industry, but also has a deep understanding of your company & their values; and who works relentlessly to keep you & your hiring managers happy. Our team is here to support you.

You're Our Kind of People

We're up for any challenge, but we bring recruiting experience & expertise to these specialties that will make it feel like we we've been a part of your team all along.


A Partnership Built to Last


We’ll connect you with the RIGHT TALENT

Because we focus on select industries, we have long-standing relationships & can connect you with some of the strongest candidates in the marketplace. We aim to find you the right fit for your company, every time.

You’ll be

 Our team of experienced recruiters are not just industry experts, but “you” experts. We understand that pieces are constantly moving in the background so our recruiters are pros at pivoting in order to be responsive to your changing needs.


We not only know your industry, but we know ours. Our recruiters have a deep understanding of recruiting trends & the talent market at large. This allows us to give you insight into the best ways to both attract & retain the most elusive talent.


"Julie is an excellent resource for finding the right fit to fill either a temporary or regular staff position. She possesses the ability to readily understand an organization's need and provide the right candidate quickly and effectively. Beyond that, she's a pleasure to work with."

Client, Credit Union CEO


A Simple Plan to Make Your Hiring Managers Happy


Give Us a Call & Let's Talk

We understand the importance of the “right fit” and that holds true for a recruiting partner as much as it does a potential new hire. Give us a call and let’s figure out if we are the right team to meet your unique needs.


Develop a Personalized Plan to Get Roles Filled Quickly

We take the time to understand the recruiting challenges your company is facing and develop a customized recruiting strategy that gets your needs met. We pay attention & strive to understand the services you provide, the way in which you need employees to deliver them, as well as your mission, values and culture so we can represent your company with the same strength as your internal recruiting team. We filter through the noise & find you the candidate(s) you’ve been searching for.


We Want to Be Your Partners Forever

Once we've earned the trust of you & your hiring managers, we won't stop there. Our clients depend on us for long-term projects, advice & customized solutions, or just when the going gets tough with challenging reqs. Simply put, we're here when you need us most.

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