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Lead with Your Heart

Giving back to the communities and causes we care about.

About Our Charitable Giving

As a staffing agency, we aim to put people and their passions first. That commitment extends beyond day-to-day operations. As we serve our local communities, we’re always on the lookout for causes and organizations run by passionate people.

We strive to partner with and support organizations through:

  • Charitable Giving: We provide financial and volunteer support to nonprofits that inspire us in our communities.

  • Encouraging Service: We offer time-off to our employees who choose to volunteer their time at non-profit organizations.


Founder Julie Walters and husband Matt with their children

The PCDH19 Alliance

Inspired Staffing is a proud supporter of the PCDH19 Alliance, a non-profit that raises funds for PCDH19 Epilepsy research. From our founder, Julie Walters:  

Nothing inspires me as deeply as my family and particularly my daughter, Violet. When I am not talking with clients and job seekers, or spending time with my family, you can likely find me volunteering for the PCDH19 Alliance. I co-founded the Alliance with other parents of affected children, after our daughter, Violet, was diagnosed with PCDH19 Epilepsy at 19 months old.


My daughter is my hero every day, and I am inspired to join with others to find an effective treatment and improve lives for everyone living with PCDH19 Epilepsy.

Want to learn more about Inspired Staffing’s charitable giving? Contact our founder Julie Walters – – for more information.

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