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Inspired Staffing is an Organization Created to Serve
the changing needs of today's job seekers and employers.

We Believe

  • The phrase "business is business" should never be used. We believe Business is personal. We value people over profits, and treat our clients and candidates the way we'd like to be treated.

  • Our clients should have high expectations for the agency they entrust to help them build their teams. We take your trust seriously, no exceptions, no excuses.

  • Working with an agency recruiter should feel like working with a member of your own team. Our people are your people.

  • Recruiting for your difficult to fill roles, is a privilege and we have a responsibility to do the right thing for the client and the job seeker at all times in the recruiting process.

"Work with people who believe what you believe."

-Simon Sinek

"Julie is an excellent resource for finding the right fit to fill either a temporary or regular staff position. She possesses the ability to readily understand an organization's need and provide the right candidate quickly and effectively. Beyond that, she's a pleasure to work with."


-Client, Credit Union CEO


Julie Walters

Julie Walters spent most of her career as a top-performing recruiter and account manager in the staffing industry, connecting outstanding talent with stellar companies, with a focus on well-respected financial institutions that invest in the people and communities they serve. While recruiting at a larger agency, she realized that in order to continue creating the inspiring experiences that had become her trademark, there was only one option: build her own company. 


Inspired Staffing was born out of a unique set of values, values that have caused both Inspired and its clients to thrive. At Inspired, people and their passions are primary, not merely an expendable commodity to fuel company profits. Inspired is committed to connecting inspired people with companies that will fan the spark into flame, making both the individual and the company an explosive success. Inspired envisions a world where talented professionals wake up looking forward to the day's work because they know they will be following their hearts' passion, bringing their core competencies to a company where they are valued, and thereby making the world a better place. Inspired not only envisions this world; we are creating it, one connection at a time.





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