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Grow your team and build your professional network with Inspired Staffing, a trusted staffing partner of California’s businesses for more than a decade.

Our Specialties

Inspired Staffing is an organization created to serve the changing needs of today's job seekers and employers.

Credit Unions + Community Banks

Mortgage Lending



Hire In-Demand Talent 

As staffing partners, we are not only industry experts; we also care deeply about your success. Land that elusive candidate who will help you thrive. We specialize in recruiting for credit unions, community banks and mortgage lending firms. 



Helping Good People Do Great Work

Your resume paints an incomplete picture of who you are, and what you bring to the table. That’s where we come in. Our recruiters help you showcase your skills -- but also the intangibles -- so hiring managers can see what truly sets you apart.


Putting People First

At Inspired Staffing, we believe successful recruiting starts with people. Not resumes or job descriptions. But passionate people. Our goal is to do more than place candidates who “meet all the requirements.” We strive to connect inspired talent with inspiring opportunities.



We believe business is personal. That’s why we work hard to build strong relationships with clients and candidates. We aren’t just an agency – we’re an extension of your team and professional network.


We’ve been here before - recruiting for difficult-to-fill roles at financial institutions. But although we bring plenty of experience, we know that every position is different; hiring decisions can’t be made based on what worked last time. 


Recruiting on behalf of our clients is a privilege. Our team takes that responsibility seriously. We strive to be open and honest with clients and job seekers throughout the entire process.

In a Meeting

"Julie is an excellent resource for finding the right fit to fill either a temporary or regular staff position. She possesses the ability to readily understand an organization's need and provide the right candidate quickly and effectively. Beyond that, she's a pleasure to work with."

Client, Credit Union CEO


About Inspired Staffing

Inspired Staffing was founded by Julie Walters, a successful recruiter and staffing industry account manager with more than a decade of experience in the financial industry.

Our agency is driven by the belief that personal connections matter.

In all of our interactions - whether if we’re meeting with a jobseeker for the first time, or connecting with a new client - we strive to build deeper connections and identify those elusive qualities that make a company or jobseeker unique. These so-called intangibles aren’t always clear in a job posting or resume. But yet, they can make all the difference in workplace success.

To us, recruiting isn’t a numbers game. It’s about building lasting connections between inspired professionals and companies that will fan their spark. 


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