Meet One of Our Credit Union Essential Workers

It’s truly an unprecedented time in the world, not only when it comes to health and wellness, but when thinking about the workforce and the nature of employment. Millions of people are now unemployed, but in order for our economy to function, many of us still have a job to complete every day.

Have you wondered what it’s like to be an essential worker? For some, it conjures up images of toiling for extended shifts and being worried about coming home to one’s family, but that’s not always the case. We spoke with one of Inspired Staffings’ talented candidates Lori, a mortgage servicing representative working at a one of our credit union partners in California to explore what being an essential worker in the banking industry has been like.

Behind The Scenes

You may wonder what Lori has been doing in her position during this global pandemic, and while many of her usual job responsibilities have stayed the same, she’s also filled a very important role with the credit union’s members. Typically, Lori works to help process mortgage applications and ensures that everything goes smoothly from start to finish — in short, she helps people on the path to becoming homeowners.

Since COVID-19 began, she’s also taken on the role of being a support for those in financial crisis. “Members are calling in for deferments,” she explained, saying that many are looking for assistance with their payments. “I’m going into the accounts and trying to work on the deferments for three months and explaining to them how it works. We try to get them on some type of payment plan.”

Making A Difference

Imagine what it would be like if you were going to be late on an important payment but weren’t able to communicate that to the company? Countless numbers of people are dealing with that, as companies have closed down their call centers, making it difficult for people to stay on track financially.

“I’m only one of three people in the office allowed right now. It’s helping [members] because there’s someone here to speak to these people,” Lori described. “When they ask what they can do, where do they turn, and what can we offer them and explain that they can’t pay their mortgages because they aren’t working, it’s great that the calls aren’t directed to someone’s home.”

Things Must Go On

It’s not just members in tough financial situations that Lori is working with, as many are in a position to purchase a new home during the global pandemic. There are dozens of loan applications that were in process before things changed, so she’s still working to ensure those are completed as efficiently as possible.

No matter what’s going on for the credit union’s members, Lori is there to help and is truly an essential worker at this time. She offers a voice of hope for those who are struggling and is an encouraging partner for others closing on the home of their dreams.

Inspired Staffing couldn't be more proud of the work that Lori and all of our associates are doing during this unprecedented time.

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